Toasted Snackwiches Recipe

Toasted Snackwiches Recipe

Ingredients: Serves 4

12 slices small wholemeal bread, crusts removed
Butter or margarine
90 ml/6 tbsp Green Pea Spread
2 large tomatoes, ends discarded and sliced into 4
90 ml/6 tbsp peanut butter


Spread eight slices of bread with the butter or margarine. Cover four of the spread slices with Green Pea Spread, using 25 ml/1.5 tbsp on each. Cover with the second buttered slice, fat side up, lay two tomato rounds on each slice. Spread the remaining four buttered bread slices with peanut butter. Place them, spread side down, on the tomato. Press lightly with your palm to 'seal' the sandwiches. Cut each sandwich into three equal strips or fingers and stick a cocktail stick (tooth-pick) through each to hold the bread slices together. Place the strips on a sheet of foil on the grill (broiler) rack. Toast for 12 minutes on each side until lightly colored. Serve three strips per person while still warm.

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