Light Vegetarian Bites Recipes

Light Vegetarian Bites Recipes

This section has loads of recipes for when you feel like something tasty, but not too filling, that's easy to cook and can be knocked up relatively quickly. They're ideal for any time of day, a leisurely brunch of light, melting Cheese and Mushroom Croissants, perhaps, or the surprise pancake dish, to a simple stunning snack lunch or supper of an out-of-the-ordinary.


Choose any recipe to fill your hunger gap in the most sumptuous, tempting way.

  1. Toasted Sandwiches

  2. Cosa Nostra

  3. Tiffin Time

  4. Cheese and Tomato Croissants

  5. Ploughman's Slices

  6. Waffle Wonders

  7. Chili Bean Potatoes

  8. Saucy Beanoes

  9. Cheese and Herb Potatoes

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