Hot Vegetarian Desserts Recipes

Hot Vegetarian Desserts Recipes

The desserts recipes in this section are vegetarian orientated. That is, they use lots of nutritious ingredients like fruit, nuts, honey and carob. These hot ones are particularly good on chilly winter days, or after light or cold main courses. And for those of you with a naturally sweet tooth, at least you can tell yourself that eating these puddings will actually do you good!


As with other parts of the meal, it is worth making sure you keep a balance. So, if you have had rice in your main course, for instance, avoid a rice-based dessert. Or follow a main course with lots of fruit with a carob, nutty or boozy, creamy dessert.

  1. Spiced Honey Toasts

  2. Baked Apple and Cranberry Pudding

  3. Peach Clafoutie

  4. Tropical Banana Fritters

  5. Pancakes with Strawberries and Bananas

  6. Special Mincemeat Pancakes

  7. Plum, Toffee and Almond Pudding

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