Vegetarian Starters Recipes

Vegetarian Starters Recipes

All the recipes below make delicious first courses for just about any occasion. Many make mouthwatering light lunches or suppers too - served in slightly larger portions.


When choosing a suitable appetizer, make sure it will complement the rest of the meal. For instance, choose something light and refreshing before a hot, heavy main course. Or serve a more substantial starter before a light main meal. Don't serve a salad starter followed by salad instead of vegetables in the main course. Avoid similar ingredients in both, such as cheese soup followed by lasagna topped with cheese sauce.


Color plays an important role too. There should be lots of color offsetting each other and not clashing or boringly similar.

  1. African Queen Peanut Dip

  2. Apple Starter

  3. Cheesy Avocados

  4. Crisp and Fruity Firsts

  5. Deep-Fried Brie with Coconut

  6. Exotic Fruit Cocktail

  7. Fruity Melon Starter

  8. Grilled Italian Avocados

  9. Jellied Eggs with Olives

  10. Normandy Tomatoes

  11. Pawpaw Pecan Cocktail

  12. Peach of a Starter

  13. Pears with Walnut Whip Dressing

  14. Pineapple Honolulu

  15. Strawberry and Cucumber Platter

  16. Tomato and Avocado Salad

  17. Tomato and Goat's Cheese Platter

  18. Tropical Salad

  19. Walnut Skordalia

  20. Welsh Baked Eggs

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