Deep-Fried Brie with Coconut Recipe

Deep-Fried Brie with Coconut Recipe

Ingredients: Serves 6

450 g/1 lb Brie or Camembert cheese

30 ml/2 tbsp plain (all-purpose) flour

5 ml/1 tsp celery salt or plain salt

2 eggs, beaten
50 g/2 oz desiccated (shredded) coconut
Oil, for deep-frying
Celery sticks


Cut the cheese into 12 small triangles. Season the flour with the celery or plain salt. Coat the cheese triangles with seasoned flour, then dip in beaten egg and roll in the desiccated coconut. Heat the oil and deep-fry the cheese triangles for 1 minute until golden brown. Drain well on kitchen paper. Arrange on serving plates with celery sticks. Serve immediately.

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