Drinks and Nibbles Recipes

Drinks and Nibbles Recipes

Tempting little savory and sweet morsels, and delicious drinks to wash them down. All these recipes are ideal for just about any party, from a few friends over for dinner to a slap-up birthday or anniversary celebration.


  1. Herby Bites

  2. Panir Dumplings

  3. Fried Coconut Cream Delight

  4. Butter Bean and Rice Cakes

  5. Cream Cheese Morsels

  6. Potted Stilton Boats

  7. Herby Cheese Boats

  8. Cheese and Pineapple Boats

  9. Cheese and Tomato Bites

  10. Cheese and Asparagus Pinwheels

  11. Devilled Crunchies

  12. Spicy Nuts


  1. Tomato Juice Zinger

  2. Caribbean Cocktail

  3. Peach and Apple Sling

  4. Festive Fizz

  5. Muscadet Cassis

  6. Scandinavian Julglogg

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