Cold Vegetarian Desserts Recipes

Cold Vegetarian Desserts Recipes

The lovely thing about cold pudding is that often they can be made well in advance and forgotten about until you are ready to serve them. Others can be thrown together at the last minute. This makes them particularly useful when you're entertaining. They are the best option too after a hot, filling main course.


One little tip about home-made ice cream and other frozen desserts - remember to transfer them from freezer to fridge at the beginning of your meal (unless a recipe specifically states otherwise). That way you can be sure they will be the right consistency for eating and not rock hard.

  1. Brandied Fruit Compote

  2. Fruity Chocolate Chip Dip

  3. Little Baskets of Fruits

  4. Boozy Brandy Snaps

  5. Strawberry Baskets

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