Bread, Biscuits and Cakes Recipes

Bread, Biscuits and Cakes Recipes

Just about all bakery-type recipes are suitable for vegetarians. And the recipes here are make especially good use of whole variety of cereals and flours, use lots of nuts and dried fruits, all of which play an important part in a vegetarian diet and are genuinely good and wholesome into the bargain.


These breads, biscuits and cakes recipes are excellent choices for afternoon tea or for a sweet treat in a lunch box. There are also wonderful accompaniments to soups, starters and main courses, delicious breakfast breads and useful basics like pancake batter, crumbs shells and brandy snap baskets.

  1. Basic Pancake Mix

  2. Brandy Snap Horns and Baskets

  3. Yoghurt and Caraway Plait

  4. Swiss Christmas Loaf

  5. Celery and Cheese Loaf

  6. Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Loaf

  7. Brown Garlic Bread

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