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Welcome to All Vegetarian Recipes.....

Whether you are new to vegetarian cooking or simply fed up with the same old repertoire, All Vegetarian Recipes will fire your enthusiasm. From simple everyday fare to gourmet creations for the most sophisticated of dinner parties, there are vegetarian recipes for every occasion. You'll find international old favorites such as Ratatouille and Tabbouleh, classic vegetarian recipes like nut roasts and veggie burgers, and many exciting new dishes like Sweet Potato and Walnut Souffle Pie or Leek and Corn Choux Ring to temp your taste buds.

There is a range of exciting starters, snacks, soups, desserts, breads, cakes and biscuits and even some extra-special drinks and nibbles to cater for your every need, plus useful tips on making sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet.

With All Vegetarian Recipes in your kitchen, you will never again be at a loss for what to cook and you'll know that everything you do cook will be tasty, nutritious and simply sensational.....

A Healthy Balance Meal

Everyone needs to eat foods from the four main groups every day.

Protein for growth, skin and bone repair. Meat and fish are only two of the main source. Others are like pulses (dried peas, beans and lentils), cheese, milk, yoghurt, eggs, nuts and vegetables proteins like quorn and tofu. Eat at least two portions a day. Use soy alternatives to dairy products if you are vegan.

Carbohydrates for energy and as fillers. These are found in cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. Eat lots every day. They are not fattening - it is only the fat or sugar you put on them that makes you put on weight.

Fats for body warmth and energy. If you do not eat meat and fish, you can get most of what you need from milk, cheese, eggs and nuts. Also from vegetable or nut margarines and oils but eat these sparingly.

Vitamins and Minerals for general health and well-being. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables in any form, even frozen or canned (but preferably without added sugar or salt). Vegans often suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 which yeast extract is an excellent source.

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